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Halon Guitar Parts

High end custom mill machined guitar & bass parts

HALON is a high end hand made series of electric guitar and bass parts, designed by G.M.I. Back in 2010 we started designing our own musical instrument building tools and as planned we raised the bar building electric guitars and parts. Our initial goal was to build handmade quality parts, giving extra care to the sound quality. Having seen several other part manufacturers focusing in the aesthetics, we wanted to cover the gap and offer a line of guitars and parts, build by musicians for musicians.

Premium Quality Guitar Parts

Using minimum damping capacity alloys

Here you ‘ll find bridges that can take your guitar to another level, there is no other company worldwide offering the range and quality of our series as there is no other company using theOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA superior alloys we use. Regarding steel, we are by far above other makers who in best case they use 1018 steel (in the worst one they use zinc). We use non leaded annealed cold rolled 1060 steel (two times harder than 1018) giving the best vibration transfer making any guitar responsive. Regarding aluminum, we use annealed 7075 that is the top notch aircraft grade aluminum. On brass we use ms58 and we still continue to experiment. You can also combine parts of different alloys, making the final outcome a very personal issue.

Check our sound samples and give us a call, in order to help you choose the best alloy combination for your taste.

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Steel
Premium Quality Guitar Parts





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