Les Paul Parts

Les Paula brief history

Gibson is a company with a history that goes back to 1902. In 1952 they introduced their first solidbody electric guitar which they came out after co operating with guitarist Les Paul. These were exceptional guitars to the detail but for some reason they used low quality hardware in some parts. The bridge was made from zinc and they didn't change it since then. Zinc is low cost and from the sound perspective, it is the worst metal someone can use. It dampens the sound due to being too soft, so you loose harmonics and sustain resulting in a poor sound. Especially Les Pauls turn to have muddy sound, with basses frequencies that are totally destroyed.

For some reason, most companies are spending more money in advertisement and not in upgrading their guitar line. Just like in all of our bridge line, Les Paul bridge is built from a billet of metal. Saddles are also built with great attention to detail and use of advanced techniques. Aluminium and brass casting would be much easier but could result in defects in quality so we, again, picked the difficult path. Details make the difference, so we created a bridge that has the perfect fitting. Saddles are fitted in a way that there is no need for a retainer but still can be changed easily when it has to. An also important difference is that all mounting screws are made of stainless material.