Telecaster Parts

Fender Telecastera brief history

The first commercial electric guitar that world knows, still remains a popular guitar! Leo Fender gave birth to the telecaster in 1952 and since then million of teles have been played in stages all over the world.


Our “beefier” philosophy has been used to construct components for the telecaster. Again the bridge is constructed out of solid metal rather than sheet metal. As a result the bridges thickness is 2.5mm rather than 1.25mm which is the standard. We have also paid great attention to the way that the bridge rests on the wood. Any gaps between the guitar and the bridge will produce feedback and loss of sound. Especially for tele's, that the sound can be sometimes “small”, our superior quality bridge produces incredible volume. The particularity of tele's bridges, is that the magnet is enclosed, so as a result the alloy of the bridge plays a great part in the sound outcome. When steel is used, the signal is increased due to the ferromagnetic effect. We tried to balance the phenomenon by heavy plating the aluminium and brass bridges, since nickel has magnetic properties too.


We use compensated saddles for better intonation and we also gave air between the saddles for minimizing the sympathetic vibration symptoms.