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High end custom mill machined guitar & bass parts using minimum damping capacity alloys.
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Stratocaster history

When Leo Fender made the stratocaster a piece of history was born! Stratocaster aluminumThe most famous guitar icon was a versatile instrument suitable for different styles of music. An important element of that guitar was its bridge. Not only the design was innovative but also the material Leo used (steel), was quality material. Since Leo sold his company, quality is sacrificed for lower cost. That wouldn't exclude the material of the bridge which since 1964 is zinc. Zinc is the worst metal you can use for tone. The most serious problem is that it is extremely soft and it absorbs most of the vibration, that means loss of harmonics and sustain, which also leads in less clarity and poor sound. What we did, driven by the classic form of the strat, was to create a vintage style bridge with several substantial alterations. We go one step further adding aluminium and brass bridges to the classic steel bridge.


We have created a full, vintage correct 1/2''(12.7mm) block from 3 different metals, all of superior quality, for different styles and tastes.

Top plate

The top plate has some significant alterations. Most commercial top plates are built from sheet metal plates, meaning that the width of the product is reduced and inherently has stress points. While most of the top plates in the market are 2mm, ours is 2.8 mm thick, something that increases the harmonics, depth and sustain.


The same logic of beefier has driven us to construct saddles out of solid material rather than sheet metal. A problem we faced is the sympathetic vibration symptom which is caused by the contact of the saddles, so we gave some space between the saddles which also helps when someone wants to slightly change the distance between the strings (I wished too many times for this! Especially in the high e string which sometimes easily slides out of the fretboard).

Tremolo- Claw- Screws

Our tremolo bars are made of stainless steel and we make them with few spirals. Stratocaster brassIn our block there is a plastic tube which prevents the tremolo to be stressed against the metal so it is impossible to broke a tremolo arm. Additionally, it only needs a few seconds to put the tremolo on. All claws are also stainless steel made as well as all the screws we use. No corrosion and better sound transfer!

Halon Guitar Parts

Fender Telecastera brief history

The first commercial electric guitar that world knows, still remains a popular guitar! Leo Fender gave birth to the telecaster in 1952 and since then million of teles have been played in stages all over the world.


Our “beefier” philosophy has been used to construct components for the telecaster. Again the bridge is constructed out of solid metal rather than sheet metal. As a result the bridges thickness is 2.5mm rather than 1.25mm which is the standard. We have also paid great attention to the way that the bridge rests on the wood. Any gaps between the guitar and the bridge will produce feedback and loss of sound. Especially for tele's, that the sound can be sometimes “small”, our superior quality bridge produces incredible volume. The particularity of tele's bridges, is that the magnet is enclosed, so as a result the alloy of the bridge plays a great part in the sound outcome. When steel is used, the signal is increased due to the ferromagnetic effect. We tried to balance the phenomenon by heavy plating the aluminium and brass bridges, since nickel has magnetic properties too.


We use compensated saddles for better intonation and we also gave air between the saddles for minimizing the sympathetic vibration symptoms.

Haris was born in 1977 in Thessaloniki. His family has been involved with metallurgy but Haris had other plans at the time. After he completed his school studies as an electronic, he studied comic design and animation. During the time he worked as a designer in quite a few animation films. He has also been involved with constructions, with the family business foundry and finally with luthiery.

Timos was born in 1976 in Thessaloniki.He studied business managment and finishing his studies,came to work with his brother Nicolas and his father Konstantinos in the familly' s machine shop.working hard and expanding the business every year was an aim then and a fact right now!He has a 21 years experience in Cnc s and he is the mind behind the machines for Halon!

Halon Guitar Parts

Les Paula brief history

Gibson is a company with a history that goes back to 1902. In 1952 they introduced their first solidbody electric guitar which they came out after co operating with guitarist Les Paul. These were exceptional guitars to the detail but for some reason they used low quality hardware in some parts. The bridge was made from zinc and they didn't change it since then. Zinc is low cost and from the sound perspective, it is the worst metal someone can use. It dampens the sound due to being too soft, so you loose harmonics and sustain resulting in a poor sound. Especially Les Pauls turn to have muddy sound, with basses frequencies that are totally destroyed.

For some reason, most companies are spending more money in advertisement and not in upgrading their guitar line. Just like in all of our bridge line, Les Paul bridge is built from a billet of metal. Saddles are also built with great attention to detail and use of advanced techniques. Aluminium and brass casting would be much easier but could result in defects in quality so we, again, picked the difficult path. Details make the difference, so we created a bridge that has the perfect fitting. Saddles are fitted in a way that there is no need for a retainer but still can be changed easily when it has to. An also important difference is that all mounting screws are made of stainless material.