About alloys

1060 steel delivers crystal clear ,bright and balanced tone with great note separation and enhanced harmonics.

Style : Rock, Blues, Jazz, Metal, Funk.

Brass ms58 colors the tone adding its own vibe!

It gives a sweet,fat, warm and mid ranged focused tone.notes seem to sing more!

Compression is also an addition to tone. feels better in guitars with harsh sound.

Style : Blues,rock,metal,jazz

Aluminium 7075 delivers clarity and definition with opened ,twangy and percussive tone.

It doesn’t color the sound so you get the character of the wood itself.

Style : Definitely Funk, Rock, Pop.

GR5 Titanium is an excellent alloy for this kinda hi-fi tone with extrta clarity and great sustain.

Style : Shread , Rock, Pop.

Phosphor bronze is an alloy with unique tone qualities.

It gives a crystal clear tone with excellent note separation while in the same time it gives a fat warm tone with unbelievable sustain.

Style: literally everything…

Aluminium bronze has similar tone qualities with its cousin phosphor bronze(crystal clear tone,excellent note separation,warmth,fullness,sustain) being different only in the fact that it enhances the high harmonics.

Style: literally everything…

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