About bridges

It is all about blending tradition with innovation.
People says that a bridge that solves all the known problems while keeps the vintage aesthetics was missing from the market
till Halon show up!

That was our initial aim for the offset bridge and after two years of R&D

we come up with our famous now days bridge that features quite a few innovations.

A vintage style mill machined plate with notches to allow a clear pass of the strings, easily interchangeable posts,allow for both non rocking and rocking setup
for American,Mexican and Asian made guitars!

Patented deep V grooved compensated saddles which prevent pop out of the strings and offer proper intonation.

In addition with a simple flip of the middle one you are ready to go for a wound G string.
Our non rocking posts are 20mm long which is a crucial detail!!!

Our posts allow
the bridge plate to shit flash to the body,without the use of the posts height adjustment screws.
Action can be set in most cases by just the saddles height adjustment screws,giving extra stability and a fuller tone!

Finally a wide variety of alloys to choose among giving you the ability to calibrate the tone to your own needs!!!

Maybe the only 100% mill machined stratocaster tremolo(top plate,block,saddles)
in the planet and for sure the only to offer so many alloy options.

From the open,airy and twangy tone of 7075 t6 Aluminium(aircraft heat treated grade) to the crystal
clear,mellow,rich tone of our special phosphor bronze.

As always,
with respect to tradition we designed all its parts with just a few changes to make sure you get the best experience.
Full block,mill machined saddles, and a top plate designed with ramping for the strings’ loading,in order to eliminate string breakage.

Minimizing unwanted friction for excellent tuning stability is achieved by a proper bevel and countersunk in the bottom of the top plate.
In addition the hole to accept the tremolo arm is 5.00mm to 5.05mm while the tremolo arm has 4.96mm diameter.

A perfect fit for a fast response when used with no gaps, for either a mild effect
or a dive bomb…
Finally we added a specially brass insert in our blocks,in order to give our pop in out tremolo arms an even snugger fit.


While we keep a traditional look we go much further by using mill machining for our vintage tele bridge plates.
As always we use different alloys options to make sure that everybody can find his/her dream tone!

New feature…Ramping for each strings’ loading eliminates string breakage.

Here we give emphasis in the design options…which become unlimited,
as we offer to our customers the possibility to ask for any custom design.
From the mounting holes(number,position) to the pickup cut(classic,hum,mini hum,tv jones) to the outline of the bridge.

Just make your dream bridge alive!!!

With respect to tradition we designed our special V grooved saddles which,with a flip of the middle saddle,
offer a proper set up for intonating properly a wound G string…of course these
come in different alloys as well to match our mill machined tele bridge plates.

Faithfull to tradition we kept the original look of the ABR-1
removing only the string retainer ,using a locking feature for every saddle in its position.

What is more important for us is to achieve a rattle free bridge and that is perfectly achieved with our ABR-1 bridge.

Of course as in all of our series we offer a wide variety of alloys for every taste,
from open airy uncompressed tones to fat sweet and dark.

There is nothing much to say about the simplicity of the tailpiece.

So the only thing we had to do is mill machining our premium alloys against pot metal that is usually used.

We re designed the classic vibrato with stability in our minds.

A knife edge pivoting plate,a perfect edge to work against and a special alloy spring are the little details that allow us to offer a really stable vibrato.

Further more we developed our patented collet/tremolo arm system which has the double position feature.

In the first position the tremolo arm stays in the collet while it can turn around freely.

In the second position there are locking spots of the tremolo arm and at least one of these is parallel to the strings which gives a hold free playing position for it.

Finally we added ms58 brass as an option for the mounting and the string plate,while its a matter of aesthetics when used in the mounting plate its a matter of tone when we come to the string plate where ms58 brass gives a fuller darker tone!!!

The latest but not least addition in our offset hardware series…

a game changer as it is just a new expressive medium!!!

It does this in two ways.

First it offers a wide drop,up to more than an octave(while in the same time it has a really soft feeling)

but most importantly by offering the possibility to work as a vibrato for any given strings and as a hardtail for the others,so actually it can work as a B bender or any other string bender,as a pairs bender or any other combination you can think of!!! 

As our classic vibrato it offers our patented collet&tremolo arm system as well.

Another feature applied to the string plate doesn’t allow side movements of it.

Finally we added ms58 brass as an option for the mounting and the string plate,while its a matter of aesthetics when used in the mounting plate its a matter of tone when we come to the string plate where ms58 brass gives a fuller darker tone!!!

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